Cervical Cancer Fundraising event

Make your Steps matter and raise vital funds to support Jo’s and help us be there for more women and their families affected by cell changes and cervical cancer.

Event information

  • Date: June 2023
  • Location: Anywhere!  
  • Registration fee: Free! 
  • Sponsorship target: £150

Make your Steps count. Challenge yourself to walk 90km over the course of the month of June and help us to be there for everyone who needs us. 

Every day in the UK, nine women are told they have cervical cancer. But we can make this statistic history. Help raise vital funds for Jo’ s so that together, we can end cervical cancer. 


Challenge yourself to walk 90km over the course of the month of June and help us to be there for everyone who needs us. 

All you need is a smart phone, watch, fitness tracker or pedometer to be able to log your steps. It’s free to join this challenge, but we recommend you set a minimum sponsorship target of £150.  

You’ll receive a free Jo’s branded t-shirt in the post once you raise £20.  And once you complete the distance and raise the minimum amount of £150, you’ll receive a medal, sent to you in the post.

Laura’s story

In 2014, Laura was diagnosed with cervical cancer. After collapsing while running the London marathon, she started to look into her health to see what could have been the cause. Since being told she was free from cancer, Laura has used exercise as her way to stay fit and healthy for her mind and her body.

Here she shares her top tips to help you achieve 90km! 

  1. Remember that exercise helps us lead healthier, happier lives – why wouldn’t you?!
  2. Find an exercise partner to make sure you turn up and help the time fly by
  3. Listen to your favourite podcast or playlist, or call a friend for a catch up
  4. Explore where you live by finding routes to places you never knew existed.
  5. Give yourself small incentives for reaching your weekly goals, and a big one for the finale! 
  6. Find time for fresh air; you find time to eat, work and sleep and this is just as important.
  7. Plan your walks into your week so they don’t get overlooked during a busy day.
  8. Ditch the lazy habits and build up your steps by taking the stairs or walking to the shop.
  9. Be kind to yourself if you do less than you hoped to – tomorrow’s a new day.
  10. Think of Jo’s and remember that you are walking for an incredible cause.


Do not leave home if you or someone you live with has either a high temperature or a new, continuous cough or loss/change to sense of smell or taste.

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